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Though we are happy to offer you a buffet meal, family style is our preferred method of dinner service at no additional charge. Platters full of farm fresh food are delivered to each table so that guests can enjoy a relaxed meal without leaving their seats.  

To review our family style menus, browse our “Seasonal Menus.”


Benefits of Family Style

  • The food is cooked fresh on site, traveling from right from the oven to the table.  (no overcooking in chafers and hot boxes!)
  • Our family style costs exactly the same as a buffet meal and guests don’t have to wait in line for food.
  • The presentation compliments everything from an upscale dinner party to a laid back casual event.
  • Our platters are designed to allow for plenty of space for centerpieces and décor.
  • Family style promotes conversation makes guests feel relaxed, as if they are sitting down to a family meal at home.


Our interactive Family Styled Dinners are perfect for weddings, corporate, and special events.


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