Mercury Hall Catering Guide


Royal Fig catering at Mercury hallMercury Hall is a stunning indoor/ outdoor event space located in the heart of south Austin. A favorite spot for many, Mercury Hall allows the natural beauty of the outdoors to mix with the elegance and rustic charm of a beautiful indoor space. The hall itself is perfect for small to medium sized events of up to 150 guests, while the outdoor space can accommodate a group of up to 250. Royal Fig Catering has catered many beautiful events at Mercury Hall, and we are excited to help you plan the perfect event for you.


Mercury Hall is an eclectic space, with numerous ways to make the event space your own. Royal Fig has helped create catering visions here for multiple events, and the blank canvas that Mercury Hall allows gives you the opportunity to turn your any vision- whether big or small – into reality.


Small and medium sized events have the flexibility to use all parts of Mercury Hall, the patio, the garden and inside the hall itself. For larger events (larger than 130 people), our experience suggests that you should dine outside on the patio, underneath the beautiful Austin skies, and then move your party inside to dance the night away. If you choose to have your dinner inside with a larger party we can remove the tables post dinner to allow you space for dancing.


Royal Fig has multiple food service options to allow for a terrific dining experience for any size wedding or special event. One option you may choose to use is our specialized family style dining. Allow your guests to try delicious, local delights while passing platters around the table. This allows for an intimate, delicious culinary experience of shared dining. Another great option is dining stations. Setting up numerous dining stations around Mercury Hall lets your guests enjoy different dining options, while getting to mill about the beautiful space. If you choose this option you can have stations set up throughout the indoor space and seating both indoors and outdoors- so your guests can have their pick. This is great for larger groups! We have catered dozens and dozens of special events at Mercury Hall. Each one is different, but the space allows us to make the experience specifically tailored to you!


Royal Fig Catering at Mercury Hall 2


When it comes to the catering itself, Royal Fig comes with its own mobile kitchen, we set up in the back parking lot- giving us the space required to cook up the perfect food for your event.


Some special tips for those interested in booking at Mercury Hall: You are required to use Premiere Events as your rental vendor, who comes with a specific Mercury Hall tenting package (for an additional cost), so your event is covered rain or shine! As a perk, Mercury Hall gives you the contact information of other couples or events sharing your weekend, so that you can share these fees. Also, Mercury Hall comes with 300 chairs, which minimizes the workload during your event. Chairs can be set up separately outside and inside at once- no chair flipping required.


Royal Fig is thrilled you are considering us for your Mercury Hall event. We love catering weddings here, and bring our experience and knowledge of the space to work for you. We can’t wait to hear from you about taking the next steps toward planning your Mercury Hall special event.

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