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Here at Royal Fig, we are striving to help people in the food and farming industries all over the world. For every full service event that is booked with Royal Fig, we pledge to give $10 towards a no-interest loan through the non-profit organization, Kiva. Kiva works with microfinance institutions on five continents to provide loans to people without access to traditional banking systems. One hundred percent of our loan is sent to these Field Partners, who administer the loans in the field. Each month, we choose a deserving individual help realize their dreams and help their families to get ahead. Whether it’s buying livestock for a farmer in Bolivia or financing a building project at a bakery in Uganda, you can feel good that booking Royal Fig for your event will help someone in need.

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Take a Look at Our Current and Past Projects

April 2017

6c9e3776107a425fb9283e4f5d3ab3f4Arben is a 47-year-old man and father of two children, 12 and 18 years old. He lives with his family in Korca, a city in southeastern Albania.

Arben has a small food store where he sells healthy foods, organic fruits and vegetables. Arben would like to expand his store by purchasing a van and to sell his products to neighboring cities.

May 2017

148f053d59e06b82f20bc86a0a64e440Hamdi is a 37 year old man from Kosovo. He is married and has 2 little children ages 5 to 8 years old.

He is a hardworking man who has been working odd jobs to provide for his family. His wife works as a tailor from and while he was unemployed, he helped his wife with trying to sustain her business, which has been a crucial source of income for the family.

Over the years he has worked as a chef, making delicious food in different local restaurants. After working for many years as a chef, he has now opened up his own business and he has applied for a loan to purchase a professional grill and other equipment needed to prepare food for different ceremonies, mainly for weddings.

February 2017

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Soe Soe is a 38-year-old married women with a son and 2 daughters, living in Myanmar.  All of her children are in school. Having been a farmer for over 15 years, her 24 acre farm is main source of income for her family. Farming this land was passed through her parents and ancestors.

She can produce 1080 baskets of paddy for 24 acres. She faced some flooding last year, which destroyed her early crops. She is now in need of financing to buy more fertilizer and pay labor fees plus fuel costs for the tractor. She also participates in the local self-help group. Her dream is that she would like to build a house in coming years.

March 2017

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The Emprendedoras San Ramón group is based in San Pedro, Paraguay. The women are from difficult-to-access areas where many of them do not have basic services.

Senora Valentina is a member of the group who has a small cafe which is open every day. She is a very enterprising woman who is seeking to improve the cafe so she can provide a better service to her customers.

Valentina is asking for help to buy an electric oven so she can continue to grow her cafe business.

December 2016
Borrower imageLife for indigenous Maya women is not easy, especially for those who live in rural areas. The ladies work hard to provide good lives for their families and education for their children. The Friendship Bridge “Microcredit Plus” program (loans and education) provides valuable lessons in four main areas: women, family, health, and business that enrich the lives of the clients. Meeting monthly, the women benefit as they learn about effective business skills (saving, investing, budgeting), and good health practices (hygiene, nutrition, family planning).The eight women of the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank “Las Jacarandas” in Santa Cruz El Quiché, Guatemala, are determined to be successful in their businesses selling prepared foods and tortillas, buying and selling chickens, or embroidering local traditional blouses (“huipiles”). These ladies strive to be empowered women eliminating poverty for themselves and their families.

Juana is a member, 28 years old with only a second grade education but she is determined to succeed with her business. Along with the other women, she is beginning her first loan from Kiva. She plans to invest her loan to buy two stoves & a comal (a griddle) for her business preparing tortillas and other cooked food. Her goals are to have more variety of prepared food to sell, expand her business and increase her income. Juana is determined to provide an education for her five children (8mos-12 years old).

January 2017

Borrower imageJulia currently lives with her husband in El Salvador. She’s 32 years old and has no children, nor does she receive financial help from her family.

To be able to help her husband with the family expenses, she decided to start her own business making pupusas to sell. She also offers her customers cosmetics and steel-plated jewelry, a trade she learned with her mother’s help.

She’s requesting help so she is able to buy a stove with a much larger griddle to make her pupusas. The equipment will be a big help to her for having a more profitable business and improving her production. With this she’ll be able to serve her customers’ needs in less time.

October 2016

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Roy Gerardo is 26 years old and from Costa Rica.  He is single and currently lives with his parents. Roy has dreams of purchasing cows in the hopes of obtaining more milk and cheese to sell to businesses and neighbors.  In addition, he will breed the cattle and sell them at their ideal weight to bring in more money for his famiy.

November 2016

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Reina del Carmen lives in Gotera, El Salvador.  A single mother of a 3 year old son, Reina works hard, despite only having a 9th grade education.

Reina has been working Monday to Friday in a store for several years. Needing extra income to provide for her son, she spends Saturdays and Sundays making and selling tortillas.  Her mother also helps her with this business venture.

To continue to be profitable, Reina needs to buy corn and a stove to sell more tortillas. She will be able to support her son with her increased earnings and improve their quality of life.

Reina’s dream is to improve her house as it needs a number of repairs.

August 2016

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José Felipe, from El Salvador, went to school until the seventh grade. He has a partner who works as a domestic employee and they have two children who depend on them both.

José is a traditional fisherman with twenty years of experience in his work, which he learned from his father. Now his two children help José at work.

He needs to buy fishing nets to continue working. José plans to improve his fishing equipment and purchase new equipment to pass on to his children.

September 2016

Borrower imagePushapaben is a 44-year-old married woman from a village in the Gandhinagar district of Gujarat, India. She runs her own grocery-store business. The monthly household income of her family is 12,000 INR. Pushapaben now wishes to expand her business to help increase her monthly income. Funding will enable her to add more items to the shop, such as pulses, rice, tea, sugar, and more. With the expansion, she expects an increase of 2,000 INR in her monthly income. She is thankful for the support.

July 2016

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Lorlie is a married woman who is 49 years old with two children. She is a very hardworking entrepreneur.

Lorlie has a fishing business in the Philippines. Lorlie requested a loan to purchase new fish net, gasoline for her boat and maintenance for her business.
Having been in this business for 10 years, she would like to save money to expand her business.

June 2016

Borrower imageThanh (photo: first from the right) is 58 years old with 3 children.  Her circumstances are difficult because her husband passed away a long time ago. Thanh lives in Hau Loc district, a rural town in Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam. Her family is a low-income household in the village; moreover, this region often suffers natural disasters such as storms because it is near the sea.

Thanh has been a fisherwoman for more than 10 years. The main hardship that Thanh faces is a lack of capital. In 2011, Thanh joined the Thanh Hoa microfinance institution to improve her business. She has successfully repaid 5 loans from this institution, and she is now requesting a loan to purchase tools for fishing.

April 2016
JuanaJuana, together with her family, has worked in small-scale fishing for approximately ten years.
With a loan of $2,000 she can buy a new outboard motor, which will improve the safety of the boat and the crew, as well as improving efficiency by economizing on fuel.  Juana lives in Chiriqui, Panama and hopes to increase her fishing production and better support her family.

May 2016

Borrower image Meet Vachik, a 24-year-old businessman from Spitak Town, Armenia. Vachik has a bakery that he inherited from his father that provides for the daily living of his parents, sister and brother’s family. Their bakery was established 15 years ago and has a reputation of the best bread in the town.

Vachik’s bakery stands out with high quality and tasty bread. Now he is thinking of expanding and wants to start selling cakes, cookies and waffles. He will need to purchase a mixer to start selling cakes and cookies, and to buy a waffle maker to attract more clients.

March 2016

Angélica currently lives in the town of Colque Amaya Baja in the Gualberto Villarroel province of Bolivia. She works in agriculture producing quinoa and potatoes. She inherited part of her parents’ land and she has starting working independently there for the past year.

She is a single mother of a nine month old daughter and she works alone to raise her child. She has the moral support of her parents who are also of low economic resources.

She is requesting the loan to buy a milk cow to improve her income with the sale of milk and cheese.

February 2016

VasileVasile is a 25-year-old farmer from Cetireni village, Ungheni region, Moldova. He is married and has two daughters. After his parents farmed for 15 years, Vasile has been farming his own vegetables in greenhouses for three years.

Now Vasile wants to build two more greenhouses. He grows radishes, seedlings of tomato and peppers . He sells his vegetables at the local open-air market in Ungheni town. Growing vegetable in greenhouses is a profitable business and Vasile wants to expand it.

January 2016

Nermina is a widowed mother of 3 children, two daughters and one son. Only one of them is currently in school and she is caring for the other two while trying to earn a living. She has started her own business from home, making cakes to sell and takes orders from clients. She is very optimistic that she will succeed in her business and is very happy to have an opportunity to be able to provide for her children and still be home to care for them.

She is requesting funds to purchase a baker’s oven. Her normal oven for her home is much too small and ineffective and she would be able to bake more at one time if she had a bigger and more efficient oven. She hopes that she will be able to expand her business in the future and also create jobs in the community.

December 2015


Emmanuel is a 27-year-old, hardworking married man with three children living in Kamwenge, Uganda.  He used a previous loan to buy more produce for his store to sell in the next season. He still deals in the produce business like buying and selling of coffee, maize and other cereals. He also operates a retail shop with the aim of improving his earnings.

His dream is to build another residential house for better living standards for his family. He is requesting a loan to buy a piece of land for farming.

November 2015

Lela is 47 years old and lives in the Khasuri district of Georgia with her husband. Her husband works for the Georgian railway as an engine-driver.

Lela is seeking assistance to start a bakery.  She will purchase an oven and other materials and will bake cakes to sell. She will get orders and will work hard to generate income for her family.

October 2015

Sen, from Vietnam, is 37 years old. She lives in her own home along with her husband and three children. She is a very responsible woman who, seeking to support her family, works selling tilapia. In addition to this, she works in agriculture, where her principal crops are the vegetables that she then sells. These activities allow her to obtain the necessary income to support the household economy.Sen, seeking to improve her business and invest in sand, cement, and rocks and pay for labor for the construction of a pond in order to increase the number of tilapia and in this way to increase her sales and thus also her earnings.

September 2015 Project

1968247Ruth is an enterprising woman, intelligent, responsible, and capable. She lives in a rural area in the Kitale area of Kenya, an area high in poverty but full of people who, with knowledge and attitude, will, and enthusiasm want to be successful. She is 43 years old and a proud mother of children who she really adores and cherishes. Other than doing some small business, Ruth is a very hardworking farmer who has been farming for the past five years. She has gained so much experience through those years of farming. Ruth practices mixed farming, which means she grows maize and keeps dairy cows, and through these activities she has been able to earn a decent and honest income. She is seeking funds to buy farm implements and buy seeds so as to expand her horticulture farm.

August 2015 Project

In the city of Sa1962258nto Domingo, Ecuador resides Froilan, a 57-year-old gentleman who is very hard-working and shares a home with his wife, a daughter and a young grand-daughter.

Since his income as a guard is insufficient, he decided to seize the opportunity offered by his wife’s delicious lunches to begin a business selling meals.

It has gone well and, now, once again, he needs to invest in order to strengthen and expand the business. With this new loan, he wishes to buy another food cart plus supplies such as rice, chicken, and other items.

July 2015 Project

To be more competitive in the market and be able to offer a good education for her two children are the goals that motivate Alba to get up and work hard. Her business raising laying hens has managed to support her family.

Alba is a master of undertaking and constant struggle that Colombians endure to have a dignified life and greater opportunities to progress. Alba is looking to have a sustainable business, persisting in time, expand her sales and have more stock on her farm. So she is requesting a loan to build an enclosure, buy laying chickens, have higher egg production and become an important distributor.


June 2015 Project

Seioaiga is 25 years old, married, and has two children. She runs a small business, selling pancakes in her community in Samoa, and has been doing this for two years. Seioaiga has applied for a loan to buy a frying pan, a gas oven, containers, cooking oil, flour, yeast, and other items.  With her earnings, Seioaiga will help to support her family financially.  We are so glad we could help!


May 2015 Project

In May, we were able to help Jose in El Salvador. Jose had to leave school after the seventh grade because his family couldn’t afford for him to go on. He has made his living fishing for 13 years. He started when he left school and the business is his means of supporting his family. He is applying for a loan, part of which he will use to buy 3 fishing nets that he needs and the rest to maintain other equipment that he uses for the business. Jose hopes that he can build a better life for his family and provide his children with everything that they might need.


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April 2015 Project

Amelia is a married woman with four children and a very hardworking entrepreneur of 22 years. She has requested a loan in order to buy fishing gear and other equipment for her fishing business in the Philippines . Amelia is 48 years old, and two of her children are in school. In the future, Amelia would like to save enough money to expand her business and improve their quality of life.




Seioaiga June 2015 Kiva Project